It's the first step to make machine automation to build a smart factory.
The industrial network autonomously transmits data to enable communication between machine and machine, system and system and communication with markets and consumers through
automation of all machinery.
It can be obtained a synergy that the smart factory seeks when they're analyzing the professional characteristics of each process and automating the production system linked the entire production line with the process automation of using robots and artificial intelligence.
We make the system to be checked easily by linking all facilities to IoT, for the whole production process, produce valuable data, analyze it and manage overall process from production planning,
production control, quality inspection, packaging and distribution.
The data reported to the PLC is analyzed to make optimal production conditions and provide the information needed for purchasing of material, sales and marketing.

The MES conduct inter-departmental communications and the machine that records the PCB sends the data to the ERP system, and forwards the order to the material purchasing department.
It is connected with the external business system when you transmit data through an industrial protocol with network of PLC and sensors.
For this integrated management, we provide optimal management environment by grasping production supply and demand with analysis and support of process automation software, which
incorporates cutting-edge technology in specialized field.


With automate the production process by using robots, we provide a comprehensive solution with robot automation.
Robots can be used in hazardous fields, precision fields and fields requiring high production speed, and can also be used for difficult fields, such as forging, casting, welding, handling, cutting, trimming, polishing, sanding, painting, spray coating and assembling.
We provide the best system, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance training, after-sales service, and do to support productivity, quality and technical support.