edge computing

Computing Equipment that processes data near users' terminals is called Edge Computing, and it means processing data by itself from the edge device
before sending it to the center and can do to analyze and transmit data.
Because of the explosive increase of IoT sensors, storing all the data in the cloud is inefficient due to overloading, so it's better to store, analyze and
shorten data for a certain period of time in an edge terminal, after that transmit it to the cloud for a much more economical operation.
It can also improve the competitiveness by analyzing the contents occurring in the edge terminal and responding at once.

The cloud is vulnerable to many virus attacks because it's using WAN (Wide Area Network), so it will be a fatal blow to users when it was attacked,
but Edge Computing is based on LAN (Local Area Network), so, it can be reduced extreme damage.
It will be developed continuously as Edge device is important to withstand the primary load of storing and analyzing large amounts of data, and Cloud is
critical for analyzing of big data, so it is vital for users to balance the combination of Edge and Cloud.